My Projects

I remember as a child being given electronic kits where if basically was a bit of printed card with loads of electronic components on it that were connected to springs.  You would then push a wire in between the spring and connect it to a different device.  These were always fun to design things on, but I also found them limited very quickly.  I would normally take all of the components out of the different kits that I had to then make something far bigger and more complex.

I was around the age of 12 when at school we were introduced to soldering irons and PCB strip boards and it opened up a new world to me.  I started to create more complex projects and also started to take thing I owned apart to re-wire them or general make add-ons to improve them.  From then onwards my fun of adapting never stopped.

My projects are vary ranged and some quite odd.  It is more that I see something that I can see how it can be improved or just a better way to do it.

This site is dedicated to the projects that I made made and some that were never finished as I had no money, saw an issue with the design so it wouldn’t work as I had hoped, or else I just couldn’t be bothered anymore.  I have documented as much as I can for two purposes.  I often forget some of the things I made, why I made it and why I used a certain part.  By documenting everything here, I can remind myself.  The second reason is if you a designer stumbles across my website and sees my designs, it might give you ideas on things you can create and you can see the issues I had so you do not make them, or see things from a different perspective which may lead to even better ideas.  Either way, I hope that you enjoy looking at them.

Please note that I am not a professional electrical designer or programmer.  I am just a hobbyist who likes to tinker.  Please do send me a message if you would like to offer me any advice or comments on my projects, but don’t have a go over the way I have done something as the world is already full of negative hate speech and I don’t need it in my life.

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